NoCo Clothing Swaps

Welcome to the Fort Collins Kids Clothing Swap, also known as NoCo Clothing Swaps, because we have information about how you can get free clothes no matter your age or size.

If you need clothes but your budget is tighter than your jeans from high school, you are in the right spot.

Or maybe you landed here because you have a lot of things to give away but don't want to donate to a charity that will re-sell them, and you want them to go to people in need to use them for free.

Your donations will help a lot of people who can not afford to shop at second-hand stores.

Donate your clothing, household, or camping items to one of these great places so others who can't afford clothes can find things they need, for free!

All-Star Cleaning Services Office 
Free Community Closet - all sizes & seasons

Please sort, organize, and put away all donations you bring according to size.

Free clothing and household items can be found here! 

You can call ahead at 970-215-2224 to schedule a visit.

120 W Saturn Drive,
Fort Collins, CO

PSD has been donating lost and found items here! If you have kids in Weber, Bacon, Boltz, Linton, Shepardson, or Lesher, we have some of their lost and found item donations stored there.

Go to All-Star Cleaning Services' office anytime you need free clothes!

Please support this amazing business with your cleaning jobs!

Clothe the People
Find them each Sunday in three Old Town Fort Collins locations, handing out clothing, shoes, and hot meals. Join their group here.

Stork Support of NoCo is located in Windsor, Colorado, and can offer assistance with free baby-related items for new moms in NoCo. 

Covered in Faith is a need-based resource in Windsor, Colorado for free clothing in all sizes in times of crisis. They are located in Windsor, Colorado.
Call Amy Vigil: (970) 833-9780 

Want to be added to our list? Email your name and brief description to 

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Contact & Volunteer Info

We organize this event for free with no money needed to attend because of our awesome volunteers, donors, and sponsors.

We could always use help during each event with high-quality, clean donations, sharing the information, setting up, cleaning up, and helpers for laying out donations on tables.

If you're interested in donating your time, money, or clothing items, or you are a charity that wants to pick up any clothes to fill your donation closets or get any of the leftovers, please get in touch with us!


Contact Information

Becky Colvin - organizer, volunteer


Based in Fort Collins, CO


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The clothing swap was awesome! I took all of my babe’s 0-6 months items. And I found a lot in the size I was looking for. The exchange is not 1:1 so I was happy to give out everything I had knowing that I can come back next time even if I have fewer items. It was quick and easy to select items and certainly a big help to any household looking to keep a budget or just reuse and reduce clothing waste.
- Mariana Schuett
I had to take emergency custody of my two grandkids, and didn't have the money to buy what they needed. I wanted to thank you for doing this because I found so many things for them. 

— Past Attendee
The clothing swap was well organized and run by Becky for many years. We found great things ourselves and many other people did as well. It was always well communicated about the location and time and it was convenient for most people being on the weekend. Thank you Becky for all that you do.
- Ann Baron
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